We support the full range of K-12 education, from basic addition to college acceptance.


K-12 Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutoring services to increase your student’s confidence and understanding. By working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers, we'll identify areas of concern, whether it's a current concept or fundamentals needing to be re-taught. Try our online option to access a database of saved lessons.


Test Prep

Diagnose strengths and weaknesses and receive step-by-step instruction on the strategies and skills needed to increase students' scores and broaden their opportunities. Our test-prep tutoring opens new possibilities for colleges, scholarships and honors programs.


College Counseling

Work with our professional writers and college admissions counselors to develop a theme for your application and present your best self. There are a lot of moving parts when applying to colleges, so we're here to ensure a smooth and successful application process, from creating a college list to securing scholarships.


Study Skills

Does your child chronically miss due dates or forget to write down their homework? We offer practical tips and strategies to improve your child's executive functioning skills so they can successfully manage their workload. Whether your child has AD/HD, autism, dyslexia, or no specific diagnosis, we can help build the skills they'll need for long-term success.

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