Project Description

Study Skills

We offer one-on-one support to bolster student’s study skills and encourage independent success in academics. See the “Executive Functioning Coaching” tab on the left to learn more about how our tutors can improve your child’s academic performance. Click on “Home Support” to see our comprehensive support plan that combines in-person coaching alongside daily check-ins through our online platform.


Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

The first step in improving your child’s ability to manage his academic performance is to identify the cause of struggle. Your student may be strong in initiating tasks, for example, but weak with planning and organization, and so he would likely benefit from organizational frameworks. We assess eight executive functions (E.F.s) to identify the root causes of academic weakness: inhibition, shift, emotional control, initiation, working memory, planning/organization, organization of materials, and self-monitoring.

Supporting Performance

After identifying the causes of poor academic performance, we implement focused supports. We use short-term interventions to help the child manage immediate demands and long-term strategies to build self-management skills. Our tailored sessions focus on a desired outcome such as improved homework completion and range from simple agreements that target a few behaviors to comprehensive plans that lay out daily schedules and expectations. From setting up a reward system to using technology that cues the student to write down their homework, our robust approach will ensure your student has the needed supports to accomplish their academic goals.

Building Confidence

We take an overwhelmingly positive outlook to help counteract the negativity students with executive weakness often face at school, and to show the student that simple behavior changes can lead to large life improvements. We analyze past failures, but our focus remains on improving future performance and self-confidence. Our students will learn to monitor their actions and implement strategies for lasting success.

We Support Students With…

  • Inhibition: stopping one’s behavior at the appropriate time
  • Shift: moving freely from one situation to another
  • Emotional Control: bringing rational thought to emotional responses
  • Initiation: beginning a task
  • Working Memory: holding information in mind long enough to complete a task
  • Planning and Organization: managing current and future tasks
  • Organization of Materials: arranging spaces to improve productivity
  • Self-Monitoring: reflecting on how one’s actions compare to expectations

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Support Package

In addition to offering weekly study skills tutoring sessions, we offer a comprehensive package for students who, at least initially, need a more hands-on approach to jump-start their success. With our study skills support package, you’ll receive…

  • A weekly, one-hour session that helps students identify and overcome any bottlenecks, learn new study habits, and work through misunderstandings
  • Four 30-minute online sessions spread throughout the week to help your child start homework and stay on top of assignments
  • Ongoing email and text check-ins for both students and parents
  • Routine checking of grades and prompt response for missing assignments
  • Ongoing contact with teachers, parents and student to ensure a strong support system

Our support packages start at $225. Want to create plan to improve your child’s academic skills? Let’s chat.