Project Description

Test Prep

We diagnose strengths and weaknesses on students’ respective tests and provide them with step-by-step instruction on the strategies and skills needed to increase their scores and broaden their opportunities. Our test-prep tutoring opens new possibilities for colleges, scholarships and honors programs.


Staying Ahead of the Curve with Expert Test Prep

The College Board recently overhauled the SAT and the ACT similarly underwent significant changes. Our tutors have extensive experience working with the new tests and will walk your student step-by-step through strategies for improved performance. After assessing a student’s test-taking abilities, we outline a clear set of goals and expected outcomes that are communicated with both parent and child. We then re-assess throughout our sessions to see how your child is progressing. Whether it’s using semicolons, applying the Pythagorean theorem, or staying within the time limits, we’ll identify where your student needs support and begin improving their performance. 

Integrating Your Child’s Learning

The new SAT promises to better align its questions with what students are learning in the classroom—our tutoring is no different. We show students how the skills they learn for standardized tests can be applied throughout their education. After all, learning doesn’t end after the test, and by integrating new knowledge into previous concepts, students are more likely to retain this information.

Engaging Our Students

Stop by our tutoring center and you’re sure to see smiling students. We offer a rigorous curriculum, but we know how to keep it fun. Our tutors put their coursework and experience to use in creating positive attitudes through interactive activities that involve students drawing out difficult concepts on the whiteboard, reviewing questions in a rapid-fire competition, or physically walking through a carousel of challenging activities. We believe students learn best and gain the most confidence when they are engaged and enjoying the learning process.

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Improving Your Student’s Percentile

Whether you’re preparing for the lower, middle or upper level test, we have you covered. Our tutors have extensive experience with the current tests and will walk your child through proven strategies for improved performance. After assessing our students’ test-taking abilities, we outline goals and begin teaching content skills and tricks such as using topic sentences and repetition to identify the main idea, or studying root words in order to identify the meaning of difficult vocabulary on the synonym section. We then re-assess throughout to see how your child progresses and what steps should be taken next to ensure a strong position for independent school admission.

Drawing from Experience

We founded our tutoring center on the belief that qualified teachers make a difference. Our tutors know the formulas that your student needs to know, and they have put countless hours into creating relevant practice materials and teaching the most effective strategies. Rather than spend our sessions trudging through practice tests, we leave the test-taking for homework and use the time together to identify and resolve any issues that may be holding back our students. As certified teachers and experienced tutors, we’re well-equipped to conduct break-out lessons for the full array of SSAT and ISEE skills.

Benefiting from Structure

Students benefit from the structure that comes from a comprehensive tutoring program. Studying for a three-hour test can be daunting, but we organize our lessons to focus on one skill at a time, slowly integrating the full range of concepts as students progress. Your student will gain the experience and confidence needed to move up to higher percentiles on test day.

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Conquering the Praxis Test

Our cofounders Rebecca and Luke each have six years experience teaching Praxis prep workshops at local colleges and tutoring aspiring teachers to perform at their highest levels. See the first set of slides below for our three-part Praxis 5031 workshop:

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