Excellence in Education

We strive to connect you with the most-qualified tutors and college admissions counselors to increase student success and overall confidence.


Our tutors are hand-picked experts in their subject matter. They have experience as full-time teachers, hold active state teaching certifications, and have earned graduate degrees in education so that their tutoring practices closely align with your child’s classroom experience. Our college admissions counselors are similarly qualified, selected for their ability to offer insights into the application process and their successes in helping students gain entry to their dream schools. Whether you are looking to understand the Pythagorean theorem or conquer the SAT and enter the college of your dreams, our team of certified teachers and admissions experts will help showcase your best self.

We offer tutoring in-person at our center in Madison, CT or online through a robust platform that uses a shared whiteboard; recorded, transcribed and cataloged lessons; and ongoing session notes.


  • Certified Teachers – Our tutors hold teaching certifications, graduate degrees in education, and high levels of content knowledge.

  • Top 1% – Our test-prep tutors scored in the 99th percentile on their respective tests.

  • Results-Driven Admissions – Our college counselors use a proprietary framework to simplify and support the full application process.


We aim to help our students gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. Our educators are energetic, encouraging teachers who make learning fun and attainable through interactive lessons, modeling, and meeting students exactly where they are while guiding them sequentially toward the material they need to learn.

For college admissions, we help our students show their best selves by simplifying and supporting the full college application process. Certified college counselors guide the decision making while a professional writer reviews all essays and supplements. 

We believe educational success should not be restricted by geography or wealth. That is why we donate 5% of our profits to educational and empowering causes, discount our services for underserved students, and use the highest-rated online educational platform to engage with students across the United States and abroad.

Our practices vary to meet the needs of our individual students, but we will always…

  1. Create a personalized and ongoing Education Plan with short and long-term goals based on student, parents, and tutor feedback
  2. Communicate our student’s progress with you personally
  3. Provide quality tutoring and college admissions counseling through current and best practices

We promise to meet your student’s needs. To this end, we offer a two week, risk-free trial for all new clients. If you are unsatisfied for any reason during the trial period and wish to discontinue, we will gladly refund your full payment.



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