Ace the SAT Writing & Language Section


Can you use a semicolon? The Writing and Language section is by far the easiest SAT section to improve on, because nearly half of the questions follow very simple grammatical rules that students were either never taught or have forgotten since their eighth grade English class. Do you remember how to use a semicolon? A colon? A dash? The eight ways to use a comma? Once you know how to use these types of punctuation, you can easily gain 50 points on this section and therefore 50 points on your overall score. We provide students with an SAT guide that [...]

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Conquering Geometry: How Parents Can Help


I hear this story often... Your child did extremely well last year in Algebra I, but suddenly he or she is struggling in Geometry—and it’s starting to take a toll on their self-esteem. First of all, understand that this is normal. Geometry requires a completely new way of thinking than algebra, and it comes less naturally to most children. Beyond that, geometry introduces a new type of problem called “proofs” where students need to make statements that lead sequentially toward a certain conclusion. This is significantly more challenging than the arithmetic and algebra that students have seen before, because they have [...]

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Develop Your Child’s Inner CEO


Learning to manage yourself. Have you ever wondered how your child can be so forgetful? How he consistently waits until the last minute to start his lab report, or how she routinely forgets to write down her English homework? If so, your child may have difficulties with executive functioning. Executive functions, also known as “cognitive controls” or the brain’s “CEO,” are a set of processes that help with managing oneself and one’s resources in order to achieve goals. These processes include working memory, planning, task flexibility, and initiation, among others. Schoolwork requires students to self-regulate their behavior, and so when there [...]

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