The New SAT: Math

Worried about the new SAT math material? We’ve got you covered. Here are the main differences between the old and new SAT math sections:

The old SAT math section included a wide range of high-school level math material, leaving students unsure about which material to focus on during their studying. The new test will mainly focus on three specific areas of math: in SAT-speak, these areas are called Problem Solving and Data Analysis; the Heart of Algebra; and Passport to Advanced Math. A post on these three new areas and the math they encompass is coming soon—be on the look-out!

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Crowdsourcing Education

In 1987, professor Jack Treynor held up a jar filled with jelly beans to his finance class. All 56 students chimed in with their guesses on how many beans were in the jar. The group’s estimate averaged to 871, 2.5% off of the correct answer of 850 and closer than all but one of the participants’ guesses. The implications? That a group’s ability to perform a task is largely superior to an individual’s.

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“Engage Me!”

I stumbled across an insightful video titled “Engage Me!” that was put together by students at Robin Hood Primary School in Birmingham, AL. Here are four quotations that stuck out to me as an educator.

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