Overheard at Madison Tutoring

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“My old tutor didn’t let me stand up at a whiteboard or move around this much. You’re a lot more fun!”

“I’m so excited, I think I’m going to freak out!!! … This is so fun, I can’t believe I get to do this! (after seeing his new magnetic board full of letters).”

“I’m understanding geometry. This feels good!”

“Everything that we went over was on the test!”

Mom: “Are these 90-minute sessions too long?”
Daughter: “No!”

Praise for Luke

“Luke must be the hardest working tutor out there. Even after he finished working with my graduating son, I continued receiving messages from him with relevant information on managing AD/HD, promoting study skills, and complimentary offers to review my son’s resume and cover letter. His energy and commitment to my child’s education was second-to-none. You simply cannot find a better tutor than Luke Albertson.”

– Tricia, Mother of Long-Time Tutee

“I would like to thank you for the progress with Mitchell’s writing this year. He has always been full of ideas and has a hard time with run on sentences and editing. This week he answered 16 questions for a scholarship and it was the best he has ever written. It was a real leap and for that I give you credit. It makes me more confident for his academic experience next year at college.”

– Kelly, Mother of 12th Grade Student

“I am a book geek now. Every book that I think is interesting I can finish in two days max. In a couple of months I have read the first and second books in the Percy Jackson series, the Kane Chronicles, Haddix, and I am right now as I type at the end of the tenth and final book of the Rangers Apprentice series. I have some reading to do now, so bye! You make this stuff fun.”

– Abhiram, 4th Grade Student

“There are many qualities that define a capable teacher; however, establishing a classroom persona and planning challenging, engaging lessons and assignments top the list. Luke quickly established the persona of a knowledgeable person who wanted to help the students learn. Without being dictatorial, Luke established and maintained a consistent, enthusiastic “coaching” persona in his classes…”

– Cary Blocker, English Teacher at William Hall High School

Praise for Rebecca

“[My daughter] was pleased with her scores, especially her math score. She scored in the 83rd percentile for 8th grade girls taking the test!!! [She] feels confident about the whole process now, which is a big victory for us. We were really pleased with our experience with Madison Tutoring.”

– Tracey, a Proud Mother

“She makes math easy and fun! Rebecca helps me with my homework, but teaches me a whole lot more.”

– Sarah, Seventh Grade Student

“Rebecca brings the necessary combination of an effective tutor: heartfelt enthusiasm and enduring patience. She offers numerous ways of approaching a concept and finds the best fit for her students. I have found her tutoring abilities refreshing and clear.”

– Brad, College Student

“The fact that Rebecca understands that true learning comes from within makes her exactly the kind of teacher I would want for my children. In my opinion, the more teachers (and people) like Rebecca there are in the world, the better. On a personal level, Rebecca is one of the nicest and most engaging people I have met. I cannot think of a better candidate to be a tutor.”

– Dr. Rachel Schwell, Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Central Connecticut State University