Reading & Writing

Improving Your Child’s Most Critical Skills

Reading and writing are often the cause of much frustration in students. And yet, these are the most critical skills in communication. Our tutors are here to make sure your child is prepared to effectively read and write in tomorrow’s world. We are experts at identifying areas in need of development and will create personal learning plans to improve both your child’s enthusiasm and achievement.

Strengthening Skills through Individualized Feedback

The best medicine for an essay is individual feedback. We sit with students to go line-by-line over improvements on an essay and offer instant feedback on advanced and developing areas. We then offer clear and immediately usable strategies for improvement. Through close-reading, we show students how to tackle the most difficult of texts by annotating, summarizing, and inferring.

Inspiring Lifelong Communicators

We provide strategies to help students conquer difficult readings about subjects that peak their interest. From there, students can readily transfer these skills and strategies to other areas. We teach students transferrable and long-term strategies, encouraging a lifetime of successful communication.

Current Reading and Writing tutoring services include…

   • Reading
   • Writing
   • Literary Criticism
   • Grammar
   • ESL
   • SAT/ACT Reading and Writing

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