Personalizing Your Child’s Learning

Rather than hand students worksheet after worksheet, our math tutors personally walk them through their areas of difficulty. We customize our curriculum for each student, matching their current skill level and pace, and filling in the gaps in their knowledge. Our goal is to provide your child the skills and confidence needed to independently conquer the most challenging problems, whether that is simple addition or advanced calculus.

Enhancing Learning with Technology

Our math tutors frequently use iPads to make their lessons more engaging and interactive. Students often have difficulty with abstract concepts. Our use of technology allows them to “touch” their environment and quickly master the skills they need. We also provide relevant links to online material that will help strengthen your child’s skills while at home.

Aligning Learning with National Standards

Our tutors are experts in the national Common Core State Standards. This means that we know exactly what will be expected of your child at each grade level and can craft a plan for years of success. Few tutors have advanced degrees aligned to the teaching of these standards—ours do.

Current Math tutoring services include…

   • Elementary-level
   • Middle-school level
   • Pre-Algebra
   • Algebra
   • Algebra II
   • Geometry
   • Trigonometry
   • Statistics
   • Pre-Calculus
   • Calculus
   • SAT/ACT Math

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