About Us

Our Mission

We aim to help our students gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. Our tutors are energetic, encouraging teachers who make learning fun and attainable through interactive lessons, modeling, and meeting students exactly where they are while guiding them sequentially toward the material they need to learn.

Our Services

We provide expert tutoring to students in the Madison and Guilford areas. Our tutors hold a trio of successful traits in order to best improve your student’s academic success: Master’s degrees in teaching, experience in the classroom as full-time certified teachers, and a high level of content knowledge. Visit our Services and Pricing page to learn about our subject-specific services, or contact us to see how we can help unlock your child’s full potential!

Luke Albertson

Luke prepares for an ESL tutoring session

Our Tutors

Our tutors are handpicked experts in their subject matter and in teaching. They maintain active Connecticut teaching certifications so that their tutoring practices closely align with your child’s classroom experience.

Luke Albertson is owner and head reading and writing tutor at Madison Tutoring. Luke has taught K-12 literacy at Somers Public Schools in Somers, CT. He previously worked as a proposal writer in Washington, DC and as a marketing and communications specialist for Central Connecticut State University. He has had numerous articles published, with topics ranging from ecocriticism (the study of how the environment is portrayed in literature) to “flipping” the classroom through assigning video-based lessons for homework.

Luke is a lover of the English language. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/literacy and a Master of Arts in Teaching, and has tutored students from grades 1-12 in reading, writing, ESL, study skills, and test prep. He holds additional certifications in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), business English, and proposal writing. Luke enjoys tutoring because of the fulfillment that comes from laying a foundation and then watching as students independently apply their new skills.

Rebecca Pisarski

Rebecca reviews math problems for the SSAT

Rebecca Pisarski is our head math tutor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Central Connecticut State University. Rebecca taught 7th grade math in East Windsor, CT, and served as a full-time tutor at City on a Hill High School in Boston, MA. During her time at City on a Hill and through private tutoring, Rebecca has tutored students in Grade-School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and numerous standardized tests.

Rebecca loves math, and she uses her passion to make math both fun and achievable for her students. Her favorite thing about tutoring is watching her students shed their math anxiety and grow into self-confident mathematicians.

Our Methods

Our tutoring practices vary to fit the needs of our individual students, but we will always…

  1. Create a personalized and ongoing Learning Plan with short and long-term goals based on student, parent, tutor, and teacher feedback
  2. Communicate our tutoring practices and student growth with you personally
  3. Provide quality tutoring through current and best practices to create successful, independent students

Our History

Madison Tutoring, LLC was founded by English and math teachers, Luke Albertson and Rebecca Pisarski in the summer of 2014. After obtaining Master’s degrees in teaching and launching successful teaching careers, the pair decided to pursue a slightly different path—that of helping the individual student. A love for the shore drove them to Madison, CT where they now spend their time inspiring a love for learning in their students through engaging and interactive lessons.