From Education Comes Opportunity

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

I am extremely grateful for my education, because it has given me the opportunity to live the life that I choose, including finding a line of work that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. My father was a high school English teacher in Hartford for 39 years, and every day during my childhood, he would tell my siblings and I that we “didn’t know how lucky we were” for growing up in Glastonbury and receiving the wonderful education that we did.

He was right, as always, and I want to use my education to help others receive the same opportunity that I have to decide my own future. That’s why Madison Tutoring has launched its 5% campaign. We will donate 5% of all profits to educational and empowering charities. See who we are currently supporting by visiting our 5% page.

Nelson Mandela on Day After Release

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Posted by Rebecca Pisarski, co-founder and head mathematics tutor at Madison Tutoring.